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NBA LIVE retro competition how to play NBALIVEMOBILE retro game play Raiders

In NBA LIVE, vintage racing is one of the most important ways to get players fast, and you get plenty of gold and experience as well. So how to play vintage events in NBA LIVE? Lets take a look at the gameplay of NBALIVEMOBILE retro events.

Click the 1 button in the top left corner of the main interface of the game, and then click on the online at 2 button to open the online race interface

Retro Race Rewards

After winning the game, you can get a card package, and get random quality players.

In addition, for the first time to participate in retro event can also get generous gold and reward, remember to participate in events every day, quickly get players, upgrade your team!

Retro tournament introduction

In online events, you can find event named Retro, click Start to enter and participate in the challenge.

Retro is one way to win new players, each with a chance of getting a better new player.

In retro events, players can rent an elite scorer of 88: George Hill, and with his accession you will be able to win the race more easily!

After entering the game, you need to achieve the goal is very simple: go-ahead score and win the final victory of the game

The game is only a short 1 minute 03 seconds, the player must seize the time to complete the game and meet the requirements.

Its easy and easy to make good use of rented elite players.

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